Reasons you should own a horse

reasons to buy horse

Are you debating if you are ready to take a plunge and buy a horse?

Thinking about this huge time commitment and financial responsibility?

Let’s be honest and realistic. Owning a horse is expensive, very expensive and time-consuming!

Yes, I can list many other arguments against buying a horse. But, I strongly believe that benefits of owning a horse far outweigh the negative.

And… whoever said that ‘money can not buy happiness’, probably never bought a horse.

  1. Horses are not just animals to ride on them. They can be wonderful teachers of life skills: good work ethics, time management, multi-tasking, discipline, and motivation
  2. They will make you a better person, reliable and more responsible. And teach you everything important about friendship, love, kindness, patience, and many other things
  3. They will help you to get through difficult times in life and force you to control stress, anxiety and nervousness
  4. They teach responsibility
  5. They let you to follow your live dream and passion
  6. They build self-confidence and self-awareness
  7. They are an excellent form of exercise, they will keep you fit and physically active

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